Prerequisite and requirements:
Enrolling in our programs requires a T.B. test with negative results   Test results must be within the past 12 months.  You can obtain a TB test from your family physician or from the Health Department.  Note: You're also required to have 2014 Flu inoculation.
A Criminal background check will be made and must return with a negative result.  If your background check returns a conviction you will not be able to attend our CNA program. 

We ask you purchase your own uniform.
Uniforms are sold at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears or any uniform retailer outlet. You can also find uniforms at the swap meet. The price of the course reflects a 50 dollar credit for your uniform.

Class Attire:
Uniforms are mandatory. Class uniforms may be any color.  However, during hospitail clinical visits, white uniforms are required.  Wear comfortable shoes, bring extra pair of socks and  your lunch and drinks for hydration. .